Herbert Lotz founded Lotz GmbH in Fritzlar in 1989, after many years working as a directional master at the German Babcock and as a production manager at a medium-sized plant manufacturer in northern Hesse. Already in the first financial year, the company was successful with 19 employees in the field of industrial piping construction. Thanks to his pragmatic solutions and high reliability, Mr. Lotz was able to expand his clientele very quickly - especially in the automotive industry. In order to be prepared for all technical requirements, he decided to expand the company management. In 1993, Dipl.-Ing. Guido Barde joined the company as a freelancer. Mr. Barde contributed his experience to the areas of piping and heating construction as well as process heat.

For health reasons, Mr. Lotz retired from active management in 1994. From January 1995, Mr. Barde was appointed Managing Director. At the same time he took over the majority of the shares of the company, which since 2000 was renamed as Antrok Lotz Barde GmbH. Our company founder and longtime companion Herbert Lotz retired from the company in 2000 as an employee and 2010 as a shareholder.

In 2018, we decided to make a major overhaul of the Antrok corporate image. With a new design and a new company structure with five specialized business units, we want to capture and fulfill the needs of our customers even more specifically in the future.

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