Certifications express the high quality and precision that we at Antrok live in every project. As part of our activities for industrial companies, we provide all relevant certifications and evidence of guaranteed quality.

HP 0 / DIN EN ISO 3834-2/-3

Compliance with quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

DIN ISO 1090-1/-2 execution class EXC3

SCC certification

Provision of proof of the SCCP “Safety Certificate Contractors” requirements, 2011 version, in regards to the safety, health and environmental protection system.

Authorization to restamp

Authorization to restamp materials and products for systems that require monitoring in accordance with device and product safety regulations (GPSG).

WHG approval

Specialist qualification according to the Water Resources Act (Art. 62, WHG) for the erection, maintenance and decommissioning of systems for storage, filling, handling and systems for manufacturing, treatment and use.

Certification according to DVGW-TRGI 2018

Manufacture, modification, repair and maintenance of gas equipment for customers in the network area Energienetz Mitte.

CE marking

Use of the CE marking CE0091 for pressure equipment manufactured and approved within the scope of the EU directive 201468.

Patented modular platform system

In 2017, Antrok has patented the concept of a modular platform system, which, thanks to four standardized components, enables an equally fast, flexible and cost-optimized design.

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