Antrok machines parts both as contract work and so as to secure capacity bottlenecks in your production. Working with you, we determine your needs and requirements and provide extensive consulting services as regards machining.

As a service provider, we place the highest value on flexibility and reliability in contract manufacturing, allowing you to concentrate on your core tasks. When planning production, we remain in contact with our points of contact on the customer side and adapt to your requirements in terms of quantity capacities. In order to assist you as much as possible organisationally, we also offer on request a collection and delivery service for your parts.

When it comes to the actual machining, we have a number of machining centres and cutting machines available in our modern plant. One of these machining centres is specially designed for machining parts in mass production. We also perform cutting work using a powerful water jet cutting machine. Almost all materials can be processed using this high-pressure process. Our main focus is the machining of metals, including hardened steel, and plastic parts.

Your contact

Your contact

Alexander Nagel
Division Manager

Tel.: +49 152 56447496

alexander.nagel@antrok.dePfeil nach Rechts

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  • Conventional turning
  • Conventional milling
  • CNC machining
  • Water jet cutting

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