One of Antrok’s key strengths is the retrofitting of existing – mostly older – systems. By replacing outmoded components with new, state-of-the-art technology, we bring tried-and-tested systems back up to date. The basic elements of the machine remain completely intact. The main advantage for our customers lies in upgrading and modernising their plants, which brings about an increase in productivity at significantly lower costs than a new purchase.

Retrofitting equipment has different objectives depending on the situation. The focus, however, is on increasing production volume by embedding older machines in modern IT environments or retrofitting automation technology. Retrofits are also useful when systems need to be converted to match modified product dimensions or when the potential for optimisation is evident, such as in the context of feeding, the efficiency of the machines used or energy consumption. Other areas reviewed by us within the framework of retrofitting include ergonomics and worker safety, which are subject to constant tightening due to evolving regulations.

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Your contact

Alexander Nagel
Division Manager

Tel.: +49 152 56447496

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  • Inventory and analysis for wear
  • Needs assessment and situation analysis / feasibility studies / 3D scans
  • Process engineering development and design / concept development
  • Implementation planning and construction
  • Electrical engineering and electrical planning with diagrams
  • Portal technology
  • Conveyor technology
  • Interlinking technology
  • Robotics
  • Sensors and IoT solutions
  • Control technology
  • Gripper technology
  • Steel constructions


Retrofitting of furnaces

Heat treatment furnaces used in industrial production differ in a number of ways, including the type of furnace and heating used. Each part of the planning is specially designed for the individual frameworks and processes on site. If these conditions change, perhaps as a result of product changes or technical advancements, or if the system shows signs of wear and tear, Antrok’s furnace retrofitting is the best bet for optimising and restoring production efficiency.

Areas for improvement can be found in the loading and unloading of the furnaces and the associated control technology. Efficiency can also be improved in the heat-conducting plates in the furnace chamber, the insulation of the furnace body and the circulation of air for gradual cooling.

Retrofitting of grinding cells

Grinding cells are used to remove burrs, interference contours and fire cracks from the manufacturing process, compensate for poorly formed geometries in the mould, and produce dimensional accuracy in post-processing. Complex systems like this often leave room for optimisation. In retrofits for industrial grinding cells, we check the availability, cycle times, accuracy, ergonomics and occupational health parameters.

Room for optimisation can be found in the use of alternative drive technologies, more effective robots and PLC control. Upstream and downstream processes, such as assembly and unloading, sometimes also entail significant potential for savings. When it comes to occupational safety, proper planning of the extraction system plays a crucial role in risk prevention. We plan and implement solutions that are adapted to each other and to your spatial conditions.

Retrofitting of washing systems

When it comes to machining, washing systems are found at the end of the process chain, removing production residues from the parts. As part of our retrofitting of washing systems, we focus on improving the cleaning result and increasing throughput.

To increase efficiency, we check the replacement of the nozzle technology or the use of other pressures that are used to apply wash emulsion to the product. Other areas that leave room for optimisation include the intelligent interlinking of parts that are fed in and removed, the drive and conveyor technology and the utilities supply.

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