Whether automation, customised machine construction, retrofitting or fixture construction - each project is initiated with the goal of making processes within the production more efficient and cost-optimized. The more conscientious and precise the planning works in advance, the more accurate the picture of future functional scope and integration into existing production processes.

Specialists from all participating Antrok divisions - from planning to plant engineering to automation, from the fitter to the engineer - are involved if specific ideas emerge from your ideas and needs in the planning phase. Our engineers and technicians accompany each project in the team under the guidance of a project manager, who has access to a strong network within the Antrok Group. Every component of our planning at Antrok is based on a specialist who, in addition to the overall picture, has a precise view of the specific solutions to the challenge.

Networked knowledge throughout the planning process is the strength that distinguishes us at Antrok.

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Needs assessment and situation analysis

In our performance of a needs assessment, we coordinate with you as to your individual goals for greater profitability. Right from the start, Antrok’s team of engineers from a variety of disciplines work together with you to determine and document the functionalities and requirements of your plant – all the way up to the preparation of specifications.

However, in order to guarantee optimal integration into your existing production and production environment, precision is an absolute prerequisite. As a result, each project starts with a careful analysis of the situation. Here, Antrok uses state-of-theart object detection with 3D laser scanning equipment. The 3D measurement of your production environment enables us, after a detailed briefing, to record your inventory of machines and systems.

The planning parameters are all determined in detail so as to simulate 1:1 all subsequent constructions and processes as a digital image, before they become reality. This not only guarantees exceptional planning security, but also saves time and money in the auditing and approval procedures.


  • Assessing your ideas
  • Developing the functionalities and requirements of the planned plant
  • Creating digital 3D images of the manufacturing environment as a basis for further planning
  • Drafting
  • Preparing specifications

Procedural design and conception

Antrok combines business operations with different specialisations to form a range of services with enormous vertical integration. We provide systems, peripherals, utilities supply, installation and commissioning – all from one source.

Using the integrated measurement data gathered during the situation analysis, we ascertain which equipment and personnel should be used to implement your project. We define the production processes and procedures, create layout plans, come up with calculations and 3D simulations for production, and determine when and at what cost your project can be implemented.


  • Integrating measurement data into the planning
  • Planning system layouts, including utilities supply
  • Planning resources and materials
  • Process representation and production processes in layouts, drawings, calculations and 3D simulations
  • Creating plant drawings
  • Performing feasibility simulations
  • Forming preliminary cost estimations and concept approvals


Regardless of whether your project concerns plant construction, automation, machines or jigs, some components are standardised to industry standards, while others have to be adapted, with more parts having to be completely redesigned as a result. In the engineering phase of our tried-and-tested Antrok planning process, market research results in suitable components being developed and our own CAD design in the creation of internal manufacturing documentation.

All purchased parts that are required for production in your plant are found by our engineers as part of an intensive research process. Forward-looking alternative proposals also guarantee you full freedom of choice regarding your scheduling and financial requirements.

By contrast, complex and individualised components are designed and manufactured by Antrok. Innovative design programmes enable us to produce all the necessary views, including auxiliary drawings, section views, detailed views, and isometric views, for the precise and qualitative manufacturing of components. Our engineering is supplemented by means of electrical planning that complies with the latest standards. Antrok designs systems with low and medium voltage, devises electronic and conventional control systems and handles all tasks during installation and commissioning.

Every single component of your plant undergoes manufacturing feasibility analysis, as does the plant’s design.


  • Market overview and component list (purchase and in-house production)
  • Creating design drawings with Inventor, AutoCAD, Plancal Nova and ReCap for 3D scans
  • Drawing up production documentation
  • Performing feasibility analysis for each component
  • Electrical planning adapted to customer requirements
  • Releasing the production documentation

Construction support and documentation

When it comes to planning, Antrok does everything for you, from developing the initial ideas to creating the finished plan for a plant. Our engineers also support you during production, working in close coordination with the specialist departments at Antrok. With our sophisticated understanding of how plants work, we guarantee that work be executed in an orderly and exceptionally secure way.

Besides providing construction support, we also coordinate with production to create all the relevant documentation, including the necessary regulatory approvals.


  • Operating manual
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Parts lists
  • Layout
  • Manufacturer documentation
  • Declaration of incorporation
  • CE markings


Each project starts with a planning stage and each is significantly influenced by the expertise of the engineers involved. Our extensive experience in science and decades of project work are condensed into our tried-and-tested planning process.

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Thinking and planning at the same time – meets all the requirements that modern planning demands and ensures a fast and reliable solution.

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